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"If you can't measure it, you can't manage it"

W. Edwards Deming

In high performing marketing plans, data is crucial — Big Data, AI, Bots, analytics is taking over, and knowing how and where to use resources for a competitive advantage, is the sauce for success. As little as 10 years ago, measuring marketing efforts was a dart reaching a dart board 20 feet away.  With technology, measurement is now a mandatory and critical part of brand management and strategy.


BSC Group understands free and paid digital media tools and tactics to better target audiences, track impact and guide forecasting decisions.  Developing a better, stronger marketing operation means connecting sound marketing principles with the latest advancements in data analytics.   We advise or build dashboards and align analytic platforms to support a sustainable data-driven environment driving performance. Growth-oriented companies and non-profits can now more precisely calculate customer sentiment, preferences, personas and identify new trends.  Data-centric companies tend to win; because if you can't measure it you can't manage it.


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